'Love Yourself, Heal Your Life®'
Coaching/Healing Package

  • Access the incredible learning via online learning portal
  • I will support you with 7 x 1 hour weekly coaching/healing sessions
  • Plus weekly support in between sessions via email/text

7 Weeks Course £497


FREE Journal and Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life

I have a big vision 

My mission is to help create a happier and more peaceful world, one where it's normal and natural to work on loving yourself.

I’m working on this one person at a time with my clients. But I help even more people when they take part in my group sessions.

I also work hand in hand with fellow Wellness and Heal Your Life® Coach Jannine P Hodgson.  



The magic in the room

Something special happens when like-minded women come together. The support and understanding in the room is phenomenal. There’s fun and laughter as well as tears. You leave feeling lifted, nurtured and inspired – with a level of self-awareness you didn’t have when you walked in. 

My personal development workshops are a creative blend of energy work, coaching and healing with self-love and self-care exercises.  Take a look at what’s coming up and see if it takes your fancy. Will it give you the boost you need?