FREE Wellness Workshop - How to Love Yourself

Sun 25th April Online Via Zoom

If you are wanting to love yourself more but just don't know where to start, you are not alone.  It's just not something we were taught as children is it? 

This FREE 2 hour online workshop will be informal, fun and relaxing and we will be offering guided meditation, time to connect and a closer look at the 'how to' of loving yourself. 

Date: Sun 25th April 2021

Times: 10am - 12 noon

Venue: Online Via Zoom (You will be emailed the link to join our Zoom Room

How to Feel Happy and Balance Your Life

Sun 9th May 2021 (Online Via Zoom)


It's been a shit year!

* Are you feeling fed-up?
* Would you like to start feeling better?
* Would it help to get more balance in your life?

This workshop has been designed to help you feel better and start to get your life back on track. There will be fun and laughter as well as tears and a bonus pdf workbook.  In the first half you will get the chance to offload some of the feelings and frustrations that are affecting your quality of life. Then Tracy will help you explore the link between how you think and how you feel so that you can begin to feel calmer, happier and clearer.  In the second half you will get the chance to create some much needed balance in your life. Jannine will lead you through her famous 9 box challenge and then help you create a personalised and positive action plan with steps to move you forward.


Date: Sun 9th May 2021

Times: 10am - 2.30 pm

Venue: Online Via Zoom (You will be emailed the link to join our Zoom Room

Investment: £49


  • Improve your confidence & self-esteem
  • Feel calmer and more in control
  • Be happier in yourself
  • Feel empowered to create the success you want in your life

Louise Hay's work has helped millions of people worldwide to transform their lives. Our lives have dramatically improved since using Louise's philosophies....and yours can too!!!

If you are serious about growth and change, join our online study course based on the best selling book 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. If you found that you often read self-help books but skip the exercises, this programme is a fabulous opportunity to study the philosophies in much greater depth. You will be nurtured and supported by 2 passionate facilitators and a group of women who will heal and grow alongside you.

Starting Thurs 3rd June 2021 - this is part one of a 10 week programme.

Over the course of 5 weeks you will attend weekly online workshops and do a variety of activities, affirmations and visualistions so that you begin to uncover the negative beliefs that hold you back. Beliefs such as...

• I’m not good enough

• I don’t matter

• I’ll never have what I really want

• I don't deserve love

• I can't cope

• Relationships don’t work

You will then work towards reprogramming and replacing those beliefs with more positive and empowering ones that will help you improve your confidence & self-esteem,be happier in yourself and feel empowered to create the success you want in your life.

This is an intensive and powerful programme, so you will need to be able to commit to attending one workshop each week for 5 weeks, these will take place on a Thursday evening from 7.00 - 9.30 pm via Zoom. There will also be some growth work to be done inbetween sessions.

At the end of the 5 weeks you will have the option to continue onto the second half of the programme starting in autumn 2021. This makes 10 weeks in total.


Thurs 3rd June 2021

Thurs 10th June 2021

Thurs 17th June 2021

Thurs 24th June 2021

Thurs 1st July 2021

Times: 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Venue: Online Via Zoom from the comfort of your own home

Investment: £175