What would happen if you discovered that you were enough as you are?  What would be possible if you accepted everything about yourself?  Yes, you heard that right – EVERYTHING!  What would that be like?

Perhaps, like me you have a confused look on your face right now.  Perhaps, like me that strange made you put my head to one side and crumple up your eyes in a look of bewilderment.  Wait….What?  Perhaps, like me you are so used to NOT accepting yourself that you don’t even understand what you are being asked.

And yet I have come to realise that this is the journey.  I believe it is essential for our growth and mental well-being that we make peace with our whole self.  Not just the bits we like, ALL OF IT.  Even the bits we hate, choose to ignore or pretend we do not know about.   Whilst we drive ourselves crazy trying to ignore our faults, flaws and shortcomings, these are the very things we must embrace and accept.

And if you are thinking this is bloody ridiculous, nobody could possibly accept all of themselves, you are not alone.  Maybe, you’re thinking it just isn’t possible to accept your whole self.   It could be that you’ve told yourself some stories:  If only I could lose some weight, then I’ll accept myself.  Or if only I had a few less wrinkles, then I’ll accept myself.  Or when I get that job, I’ll be OK, I can accept myself then.   But you might have also noticed that that day never comes?

I am learning that there is another way.  I am learning that it is OK to embrace my imperfections and love myself even when I am in a bad mood or lose my temper.  I am learning to be kind to myself even when I make a mistake.  I am learning to love myself even though I am middle-aged and overweight.  I'm on a journey.  What about you?

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