What thoughts were racing through your brain while you were trying to sleep?

Before I learned how to love myself, I would often lie awake at night with thoughts going round and round my head.  Worrying that I’d not done enough and wondering what other people were thinking about me.  I was so worried what other people would think about me that I forgot what I THOUGHT OF ME!  It was starting to impact me because I didn’t feel happy and I was worried I would get too old to ever do the things I really wanted to do.  It kept me in a job that I didn’t like and it stopped me being myself real self.  I was covered in a thick layer of protection designed to make sure I didn’t get hurt, but the protection had become who I was.

I knew something had to change – and that’s when I made the decision to learn to love myself.  Nobody had ever taught me how to love myself or even that it was OK!

Does this sound like you?

If so, get in touch.  I can help you get started.

Message me for details of my 1:2:1 support or group coaching for women.

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