• Confidence at rock bottom?

  • Feel overwhelmed, exhausted and lost?

  • Feel terrible about yourself?

  • Feel like if you just keep going everything will be alright?


To the outside world you look like you've got it all sorted, you're  doing well in your career, you're juggling a busy life and seem confident.  But inside you feel like you're falling apart. Your head is too busy and your thoughts won't stop.  You just can't get rid of that horrible sinking feeling in your chest.

Time to take a pause and let's talk....

It's time to heal old wounds and stop carrying around all those difficult feelings.  It's time for you to learn how to love yourself.  Time to find your peace, your pride and your power so that you can move on to a much brighter, happier and peaceful life.

My superpower is bringing together 20+ years experience of healing and personal development into a unique and intuitive blend of therapy.  I am sensitive and compassionate and will show you how to learn to love yourself in a safe and honest relationship, free from judgement.

Sessions are held in my beautiful therapy space in Saltaire (between Bradford and Bingley) or online via Zoom.

FREE 30-minute chat, so we can talk about what you want and when you want to get started.


Session Fees £65

6 Session Package: £360

12 Session Package: £660


"Only when we love and accept ourselves can we make amazing changes to our lives"  Louise L Hay


Email me now to book your session:  tracy@tracyannwood.com

Or call me on 07931 516057