I didn’t have a clue who I was because I’d never bothered to look.  I probably assumed I knew myself!  I mean of course I knew myself.  Until one day I didn’t.  I didn’t know myself at all.

When I stepped onto the path of self-discovery, growth and healing I learned exactly the same as all my client’s learn when they join me on that path today.  We don’t know who we.  We don’t know who we are because we got tangled up inside the myriad roles we play in life as well as the numerous masks and layers of protections.  We tried them all on for size and forgot to take off.  I think of them all as ‘layers’ or ‘cloaks’ that we keep on throwing over our shoulders as our life becomes ever more complex.  Daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, student, partner, lover, employee, employer………the list goes on.  Good girl, people pleaser masks got added somewhere along the line and then a wall of protection for good measure.  I got so lost beneath all them flipping layers, I didn’t wake up until somewhere in my early 40’s.

If I could communicate one important idea with people would want to find love and happiness in their life, it is that love comes from within, and in order to find it we have to remove some of those old worn out cloaks.  You have to be willing to look inside.  You have to find out what lights you up, what makes you smile and what beliefs are lurking around underneath the surface, driving your behaviour.

If self-discovery seems like it might be self-indulgent naval gazing, I will passionately disagree.  I have found that it is only through understanding ourselves on a much deeper level that we can learn to understand others.

Doing my own inner work also taught me about my superpower!  As a child I was always told I was 'too sensitive' and translated this into meaning that being sensitive was a bad thing!  I was a child, what else could I do?  Through the process of getting to know myself as an adult, I have come to realise that being sensitive is an amazing superpower that not everyone has.   Now that I have embraced my sensitivity superpower, I absolutely LOVE THAT ABOUT MYSELF!  By the way, it also makes me a fabulous counsellor and therapeutic life coach😉.

It will require courage to start the inner work of self-discovery, and my delightful job is to lovingly support you to take those first small steps.  Here are a few gorgeous affirmations to get you started:

“I am willing to look within”

“I am willing to do the inner work of self-discovery”

“It is safe to look within”



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