I was absolutely petrified of speaking in front of people. I couldn’t even look people in the eye – how could I speak in front of them?

I knew that if I could overcome my fear, I could show up differently in the world.

I began with very small steps. Saying one or two shaky words in meetings, offering to do a small presentation, then a small workshop. My knees were knocking and my face was like a beetroot. It was scary and difficult, but I did it.  

There were many embarrassing moments,. but I kept going – '
Feel the fear and do it anyway' was my faithful mantra.  

And then it happened, someone asked me what I thought for the first time in a meeting. They asked me! It was all beginning to pay off. 

I booked onto a speaking workshop.

When I walked in the room I felt like a fraud… but by the end of the day I gave my final talk to the whole group.  Filled with adrenaline, I actually began to enjoy it.

I joined a speakers club who kindly and patiently encouraged me to be myself and tell my story from the heart. 

In 2020, I entered the club competition, just for a laugh. I won!  I went through to the next round of the Yorkshire Dales area competition. I won again!  Next round beckoned: Yorkshire district. I spoke about the power of empathy… and yes, won again.

I went all the way to the national finals in London. I didn’t win, but I had conquered my fear and found my love of speaking on the public stage.

Would you like me to speak at your event?

I’ve presented to business professionals, teachers, parents and University students - but my audience can be anyone in society who is tired of living with the ‘unreal shackles’ that keep them down and in the wrong place.

I speak from experience and from the heart, sharing my own experiences to help others. Here are just some of the talks I deliver:  

  • How to heal and move on
  • Untangle your mind: understanding the power and purpose of our emotions for a calmer, happier life
  • 12 steps to loving yourself
  • Love yourself, heal your life
  • Finding my voice, reclaiming my life
  • The power of empathy
  • Therapeutic parenting with PACE - The foundations of attachment


Contact me to talk about bespoke speaking topics, your event and how I can help you.