We're not taught to love ourselves as children.  In fact, we are taught the opposite!  So I help women to fall in love.....with themselves.

We live in a world where to accept, like or even LOVE YOURSELF sounds strange to SAY OUT LOUD.

We’re not wired to put ourselves out there.  After all – survival in ancient times meant ‘remain invisible.’or get eaten alive!  BUT NOT ANYMORE...

ALL THOSE YEARS of being told: ‘be quiet’ ‘stop showing off’ and hmmm ‘she loves HERSELF’’ created an inner critic that has no place to be there in a 21st century where who you are determines what you get. 


As a licensed Heal Your Life® coach I am so happy to help you find ways to love yourself more, heal your life and achieve your dreams!

Sessions are held in my beautiful therapy space in Saltaire (between Bradford and Bingley) and online via Zoom.  I offer a variety of different coaching packages depending on your specific needs:

Life Coaching

A unique form of life coaching that is based on the work of Louise L. Hay.  Led by you the client, it is specifically designed to provide time and space to get clarity and focus.  To make peace with your feelings and restore hope for a more positive future.  Heal Your Life coaching also helps you to access your inner knowing and empowers you to uncover your true self.

Emotional Coaching

If you wish to let go of traumatic events from the past, work with your inner child or are currently going through an emotional experience such, separation or loss, this form of coaching is a great way to help heal those wounds. Emotional Coaching provides a safe and supportive space for you to experience and release feelings you no longer wish to carry.

Life Coaching or Emotional Coaching - it's up to you.

6 Session Package: £395

12 Session Package: £695


"Only when we love and accept ourselves can we make amazing changes to our lives"  Louise L Hay