Parent Coaching

It's an old cliché that children don't come with a manual, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We are so well supported throughout pregnancy, with health checks and ante-natal education.  But as soon as the baby makes an arrival, we are sent off out into the world and told to just get on with it. 

In my experience, most of us are just making it up as we go along because nobody ever taught us how to cope with the everyday job of being a parent.  We are often left with a feeling of guilt, secretly wondering whether we really are up to the responsibility of it all!

Parent coaching gives you a chance to work with a professional, skilled in child development and parenting theory.....but more than that, its a chance to talk through your worries and concerns with someone who understands, someone who will listen without judgement and someone who will help you think through the best way forward.  I offer a free one hour consultation where we can both decide whether we are right for each other.  

The best gift we can give our children is to work on healing ourselves.

I believe that successful parenting comes from working on ourselves, healing our own issues and connecting with our inner-selves so that we can parent from a place of peace rather than reacting from our own pain.  Parent coaching sessions will give you can opportunity to step back from the busyness of everyday life and spend time reflecting on your parenting journey and explore practical support and tools to calm the chaos as you move forward on your personal parent path. 

The style of coaching that I offer is empathic, supportive and understanding. All my coaching sessions take place over the phone or via Zoom.  During the free initial session, we will both decide whether we are right for each other. We will then agree on a way of working that fits our preferences.

My belief is that we can only grow and learn when we feel completely accepted so my sessions are rooted in acceptance and unconditional love.  This means that you can feel free to explore your concerns without judgement and our coaching relationship is one of equality: we both show up and communicate honestly and authentically.

Confidentiality is naturally the foundation for our work together.

Many of my clients decide to participate in one of my transformational peaceful parent workshops either before and/or during their parent coach sessions.

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