I needed to discover ways to help myself, and other people that were in my situation. It wasn’t enough to just sort myself out, I wanted to put my arm around other women who were in the same boat. 


As a highly sensitive empath I have a curious brain that loves to read, learn and understand things. So I started delving into personal development and healing. Twenty years later I am still here!


It all started with a host of alternative therapy courses, including reiki and reflexology. Oh I loved them. I soon realised that, in learning to heal other people, I was actually healing myself. I soaked it all up. It felt so right, and I wanted to do more.

Without taking you on every twist and turn of my CV, I continued to study, volunteer and develop. Collecting qualifications and experience along the way as I completed my psychology degree, post-graduate certificate in education and many courses in therapeutic parenting. 


I’ll never forget a pivotal moment on the third day of a personal development seminar, in an activity about taking responsibility for my life and beginning to let go of the past.  With a feeling of dread, it dawned on me that I had been doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. 


I was numbing my pain by projecting blame for all my problems onto my childhood and my past relationships.  I had abdicated all responsibility – as if everyone else was wrong and I was some sort of saint.  I got so used to telling people how bad my life had been that I had begun to enjoy telling my story.  As this began to sink in I remember feeling so scared and shocked, I could hear my own heartbeat in my ears. It wasn’t about other people at all, it was about me!


I found myself in a thriving career, but realised it wasn’t enough for me. I was helping people… but they often just wanted quick fixes rather than working to heal the root of the problem – which was often unresolved issues from childhood.  It frustrated me, and I knew I could do more work with people’s hearts and minds to shift the way they felt about themselves, so that they could take charge of the rest of their lives. 


When I did my very first course in Reiki all those years ago, I had discovered an instinctive knack for helping people connect with their energy. Now I wanted to get back to that and combine it with talking therapy. A well-rounded treatment that really worked. 


That’s when I did my Counselling and Psychotherapy training, and then added Louise Hay's Heal Your Life® Coaching to my toolbelt.  Now I could not only help my clients heal from the past, but I could also help them move on to a much more powerful future. 


I’m here now because I want you to benefit from my experience, both personal and professional. I spend my days helping women heal and move on through my 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and talks. It’s my mission in life and I love it.   I know what it’s like to feel horrible, hopeless and stuck. And I know that it’s completely possible to clear all the muck out of your mind, learn to love yourself and live a calm, confident life full of possibility.

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