A Very Heavy Backpack

It’s started very young……don’t cry, don’t whinge, don’t snivel, don’t sulk, don’t be silly………………whatever you do, don’t feel!  All perfectly normal signs and signals my younger self could not express.  My feelings were allowed the light of day, never allowed a name.  Is it any wonder that I began to put them all away? A small…

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Everything happens for you, not to you?

It’s happening for me, not too me? When I heard that for the first time, I literally laughed out loud. Are you kidding me? But I’ve come to realise that our greatest learnings usually come from our most difficult experiences. It just takes a while before the lessons reveal themselves 😂. Since then I’ve often…

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If you’d have asked me that 5 years ago, I’d have stared back at you all confused and said, “don’t be daft!”. But a lot has changed for me over the last few years, I’ve been on a huge journey of self-discovery and learning to feel again.   Last week, something happened that made me realise…

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