It’s started very young……don’t cry, don’t whinge, don’t snivel, don’t sulk, don’t be silly………………whatever you do, don’t feel!  All perfectly normal signs and signals my younger self could not express.  My feelings were allowed the light of day, never allowed a name.  Is it any wonder that I began to put them all away?

A small backpack began to appear, inconsequential at this tender age, but little did I know I would have it this for life.  Strapped to my back, a convenient receptacle for all my unprocessed emotions.  Every so often the backpack would buckle a little under the strain, the pressure of so many hurts, exploding like a volcano, spewing a violent stream of hot burning lava as days, weeks, months and years of feelings erupted.  The explosions provided me with some respite for a while, respite from the heaviness of carrying all those emotions;  but they were fierce and scary, and the left me shaking, vulnerable and scared.

I remember being scared that the backpack had become part of me and whilst I desperately wanted to let it go, I was also scared to even look.

I still have baggage to release and yes, it’s a slow process; but what’s changed for me is that I’m no longer afraid to look.  I'm no longer afraid to do the inner work required, because it’s a journey back to myself, a journey back to love that I am willing to take.  Because life is too short to keep carrying all those unprocessed feelings around!

This is what heal your life coaching is all about, a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love and self-care.

Get in touch if you're ready to begin letting go and starting your own journey back to loving yourself.


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