I wonder how old you were when you decided you weren’t good enough?  And at which point did you decide that you weren’t worthy of love and attention?

I am fairly sure you loved yourself as a baby.  You didn’t worry what other people were thinking about you.  In fact, you were happy to keep them awake all night without the slightest hesitation.   You didn’t worry that they wouldn’t like you, in fact you were happy to vomit all over them!  You didn’t deny your need for love and attention either.  Afterall, love and attention are a basic human need and you absolutely knew that.

When did that baby who totally loved herself, change into someone who constantly worries what other people are thinking?  When did she change into someone who constantly pleases others so that they continue to like her?

If you’re anything like me, you suspect these changes started early.  If you’re anything like me, you began adapting your personality to fit in and be liked from a young age.   You kept the peace, played small and tried hard to keep everyone around you happy.

Its exhausting isn’t it?

If you’re fed up with always needing to please others, never being able to say no and constantly putting yourself at the back of the queue, then I’d love to support you to change the habits of a lifetime.  We will go on a journey of discovery together, uncovering and changing the limiting beliefs and behaviours that keep you anxious, exhausted and stop you feeling good enough.  Book your counselling or therapeutic coaching today.  In-person or online.  You choose.




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